Bendigo Investigation Services

Bendigo Investigation Services (BIS) complies at all times with the Privacy Act 1989 (as amended) in respect to the manner and means by which information/documentation is obtained, secured and disclosed.

Information/documentation is sought for and on behalf of our Clients only. The information that we seek from any individual, business entity or government department is controlled not only by our own Privacy Principles but also those specifically set out in the Client’s Privacy Statements or Policies. Copies of such Statements or Policies are available from us on request.

Information/documentation obtained from persons is gained only with their express consent and the passing to BIS of any information or documentation from any person is evidence of that consent. Any refusal to provide personal or other information is a matter for our Client to deal with in the terms of their relationship with that person.

Information which is consensually provided by any person will only be retained by the Client, and the Client will deal with all information in the manner expressed in their own Privacy Statement or Policy. BIS acts at all times as agents of the Client. BIS does not pass any documentation or information obtained from any person or any third party not directly involved with the matter at hand unless the person who provides that information expressly consents in writing to that transaction or we are required by law.

All documentation obtained is secured and remains the ownership of the client. Any person from whom information or documentation is provided should seek access to that documentation or information with notice in writing.