Bendigo Investigation Services

BIS has managed a number of investigations relative to workplace theft and loss minimisation. Whist every investigation is unique, investigating workplace theft requires a programmed approach that usually includes:

Planning Phase:

Each workplace related investigation is unique and requires considerable planning and preparation. The use of covert surveillance equipment, undercover operatives and behind-the-scenes inquiries are all options that are considered during this phase. BIS will work with management representatives to define the current situation and determine the preferred result. Using a collaborative approach BIS will develop an appropriate operational plan that is focussed on achieving the outcome. When considered appropriate, agents selected to undertake workplace investigations as an employee will possess the necessary operational/business knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to blend into the working environment and conduct the assessment.

Investigations Phase:

During this investigation phase, BIS will provide regular ongoing consultation relative to information obtained or evidence gathered to the appointed company representative. This consultative approach is important to determine the ongoing direction and duration of the investigation.

Reporting Phase:

At the completion of the assignment BIS will provide a comprehensive brief of our findings that will include information relative to the original complaint and other issues (management/supervision/OH&S) that may have been identified during our assignment. BIS will provide recommendations based on our findings that may relate to corporate fraud, criminal charges, and/or disciplinary action. Management and supervisory practices including the development of internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) linked to positions descriptions and key performance indicators have also been products of these investigations.

BIS can provide additional services relative to the development of structures, systems, procedures and training as they relate to workplace theft and loss minimisation.

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