Bendigo Investigation Services

BIS commenced as an authorised provider of workers compensation investigation services since 1997, and undertook numerous investigations in Bendigo and country locations throughout Victoria and interstate.

Effective January2012, our parent company A Matter of Fact P/L has held the relevant authority to undertake these investigations.

The managers and investigators at A Matter of Fact P/L are well aware of the information required by the relevant authority and its agents and where appropriate we provide quality video, audio and still photography to detail systems of work and related activities.

Using information sourced from a number of databases as well as our well established `people network' within the region, A Matter of Fact P/L provides our agents with comprehensive information relative to their assignment. Using local agents (both male and female) for both factual and activities-related inquiries, A Matter of Fact P/L will ensure quality, timely, cost-effective services are provided to the authority, its registered agents and self-insurers.

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