Bendigo Investigation Services

The rapid expansion of the Internet and the rise of associated criminal activity has resulted in the need for organizations to seriously consider their vulnerability to computer/internet crimes including;

  • Unauthorised access
  • Online Fraud
  • Theft of services/non provision of service
  • Information Piracy
  • Business/Consumer Fraud
  • Dissemination of offensive material

BIS, through its network of technical experts, can provide computer/internet crime investigation services to private and public sector organizations alike. With access to one of the few Microsoft certified internet investigators in Australia, BIS is confident of providing the most appropriate solution to your computer/internet crime problem. Services include

  • Data recovery and retrieval;
  • Forensic examination of electronic storage media;
  • Detailed assessment of end-user IT systems;
  • Establishing protocols and access within networked systems;
  • Assessment & solutions for internal Intranets and external web sites;
  • General data security

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